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100 Days Of Web in Python

45 (mini) projects I created from the "100 Days Of Web in Python" course during the 100DaysOfCode challenge

Screencast of 100 Days Of Web in Python

During the #100DaysOfCode challenge I worked through the projects defined in the "100 Days Of Web in Python" course by TalkPython and PyBites. The course is structured into four day segments focused on a specific technology. In the first two days you would be introduced to a new technology and follow along the course videos to learn the basics. For the following two days you were given a small project idea for the introduced (or had to come up with one) to implement independently by yourself.

Over the 100 days of the course, I learned a great variety of new technologies and created 45 (more or less small) projects. Most of those projects where create in a few hours over the later two days of a given segment. Other projects I have spent a bit more time on and have extracted them into their own repositories. The React Tic-Tac-Toe game and Short are examples of those extracted projects.


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